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About The Inspector

Choosing the right Home Inspector can be as important as choosing the right house!


Hubert J. 'Hu' White, Home Inspector


  • University of Arkansas 1977 BA/Major in Architecture

  • Former Inspecting Field Coordinating Architect, Alodex Corporation, Memphis TN

  • Former Residential Designer

  • Arkansas State Registered Home Inspector #1093

  • 25 Years Experience As A Real Estate Inspector

  • Member Arkansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors



   Since the early 1970’s Home Inspections have been considered by most home buyers to be an essential part of the home buying process. The increasing demand for this service has been due to the buyers’ need to learn about the condition of a dwelling prior to its purchase.


   To satisfy this demand, the unique professional service of Home Inspection has evolved to be a separate and distinct service from the construction, engineering, architecture or code enforcement disciplines. 


   As such, home inspectors should adhere to professional guidelines and qualifications. In Arkansas, those Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics have been codified by the Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board as set forth in Section 402 of the Rules and Procedures (


   As a State Registered Home Inspector (#1093), my responsibility is to report the findings in a fair, impartial and professional manner while avoiding any conflicts of interest.

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